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This seemed to be a good idea but I had not factored in China’s policy of blocking sites, so it seems addresses with the word ‘wordpress’ joins Twitter, Facebook  and YouTube by being blocked.

I could access the Sydney Morning Herald but not the ABC





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8 responses to “This Blog

  1. Never heard of it and had to look it up on Google. Looks huge and hot!


  2. Today I am in Tashkent and it is hot.


  3. Just as well we didn’t Conroy’s Great Wall of China firewall for Aus!


  4. elephantwoman

    I didn’t realise WordPress was blocked over there too. Friends of mine in China all pay to use a VPN to bypass the blocking in order to access Facebook etc. Have a great trip!


    • I am realising that what we know and how it affects life is very different and what we take for granted and get carried away over like the nonsense about the proposed communication bill is paltry in comparison to what people really have to endure.


  5. Jacinta Sinclair

    The SMH is far less controversial than the ABC 🙂 Have been thinking of you traveling by train as I paddle on the river each morning. Getting colder here. Stay safe!


  6. Glad to know you are safe and well. No snow here yet – but it feels cold enough, finally having to use the heater.


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