Leaving China

Farm stay at Sary Tash

Farm stay at Sary Tash

Kashgar is 250 km from the border with Krygzstan but they are rebuilding the road. Not before time, so driving at about 20 km an hour it took us 8 hours.

The road was incredibly bumpy. There were 3 stops for immigration and border but all were uneventful. The last 50km was through a military zone so no photographs.  Here there are some new villages where the local nomadic people are being encouraged to settle.

We passed quite a few trucks but at the final border there were over a hundred large trucks waiting to cross into China.   We picked up a Japanese student at the first border post who had been travelling around Indo China and who could only cross the border in a vehicle.
Our van dropped us at the final post and we had to walk about 500m into Krygizstan, it was freezing, snowing at an altitude of 4000m.  Blackheath is a bit over 1000m.
Apparently if you are crossing into China you are required to dragged your luggage for a couple of kilometres up a rough steep hill.  We were driven down this hill.
We were picked up by the next guide and driven to Sary Tash a small village with spectacular views of the Pamir Mountains, all snow covered.  These mountains have some of the highest peaks after Everest.   This village is at 2800m and the temperature was minus 3.


3 days ago in Turpan it was too hot to sleep.
Yurt where we ate dinner

Yurt where we ate dinner


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4 responses to “Leaving China

  1. Chris

    Aahh Pat what a fantastic record and experience of course – as said you deserve all you get out out of your journeys ! Can’t believe how you manage all the wonderful descriptions and details etc. along your trip. Today I ( we ) are relaxing in absolutely beautiful sunshine at Eygalieres ( France sud ) around the pool – Jane/Kevin’s choice of villa – total heaven. Arles Avignon etc all wonderful – until next time happy tripping and THANKYOU Chris


  2. Thanks Kerry. Now in Armenia and can add some of this information, 4 countries blocked access and in one the signal was always so poor it was not possible to open the site.


  3. Kerry Ilsley

    Hi Pat I continue to be enthralled with your Journey. So pleased all going well. Our next Blackheath trip was also an unqualified success. Saw the impressive aircraft flyover, the Crossing play, Re enactment party with Descendants, horses, dogs etc ambling along Station & Wombat Streets on their way to presentation at the Gateway school. We also visited friends who have just built on their property in Little Hartley valley on the Coxs river. Your Fan Kerry


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