Our terrific guide is Russian but grew up in Kyrgyzstan and leads walking parties there. I can really understand this from the small part in the south we saw.

Mountain pass Krygzstan

Mountain pass Kygizstan

The Taldyk Pass is 3615m above sea level.

The people are somewhat nomadic and take sheep to their summer pastures living in yurts or temporary summer dwellings.

Moving sheep to summer pasture

Moving sheep to summer pasture

Of course we went to the market at Osh but as all the ground was being dug up we did not stay long.

Osh Market

Osh Market



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2 responses to “Kyrgyzstan

  1. elephantwoman

    Wonderful. By the way, I’m not sure if you have seen the news but it looks like there is some civil unrest in Istanbul at the moment – not sure when you are due to arrive but hopefully things calm down by then.


  2. Margaret Carroll

    Pat I am really enjoying your travels. Yesterday was the wettest winter day on record in Melbourne. Caught up with all my mob. Guy and Yvette leave for a month in Europe today. Their firstvtrip there and Yvettes first trip os. They have been terrific helping me in the last few weeks. Spent friday night at Huws. Pippas parents have been visiting fron England for five weeks. Archie is a fat healthy smiley baby. Perfect really!
    Keep blogging


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