We know that travel is supposed to be broadening but especially for the hips. Food is one of the most fascinating aspects of this trip; what we see, the street and market food which we are warned about but I have eaten.

I enjoy food markets much more than other markets and here I really get a sense of the Silk Road and trading. Men and women behind careful piles of vegetables, bags of rice and grains, piles of spices and trays of dried fruit.

Then there are restaurant meals some more successful than others. We are still not sure whether one dish was pigs ears in China, cut into thin strips and very chewy with not a lot of taste.

I have discovered how tasty garlic tops are. Why have I never eaten them before especially as I grow garlic?



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6 responses to “Food

  1. No idea what is done with the starfish but sea urchins were trendy in some posh eateries in Sydney.


    • I’m afraid I’m left with a textural image of all those spiky projections interacting with my tongue and palate – they don’t look large enough to have much under the skin so to speak…


    • Just googled it. One recipe suggests they are fried whole and then you break the shell open and eat the grey coloured flesh which has a fishy flavour. Still don’t think I want to venture there!


      • Glad you googled. Doesn’t do a lot for me either but obviously there is a market. Have you eaten garlic tops, the green shoots? Great flavour.


  2. emma parker

    Looks so interesting mum! x


  3. Oh look yummy star-fish…


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