Mulberry Trees

We had a mulberry tree in our house where I grew up in Hobart and there was one in our house in Western Sydney, dark red mulberries which stained our hands and the washing. We did not do much with them, ate them from the tree and stewed with ice cream.

I have seen mulberry trees from Beijing to Yerevan in Armenia.

White mulberries

White mulberries

Across these countries mulberries are planted as street trees, for shade, in front of houses in parks and orchards. Mulberries are picked by families and tourists.

The leaves are used to feed silk worms.

The wood is used to make musical instruments and to make paper.

Musical instruments made from mulberry wood in Samerkand

Musical instruments made from mulberry wood in Samerkand

The trees are used for shade.

In Gorgis Armenia we drank vodka made from mulberries.


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2 responses to “Mulberry Trees

  1. I’ve seen white mulberries in Hazelbrook and I have a black one here in Katoomba. The birds get most of the fruit and I’ve never seen an silk worms on them. Too cold maybe? Mulberry vodka does sound good, maybe next year I’ll have to net it and see what I get, and then try to be inventive!


    • These have been white mulberries until Armenia. When I was a kid we got some silk worm eggs, of course they hatched before the leaves appeared on the tree. However we kept them successfully in a shoe box but we were not good at harvesting the silk thread.


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