Impressions of Iran – Isfahan

We crossed into Iran from Turkmenistan wearing long dresses and head scarves and went to Mashad and visited the Holy Shine the most sacred shrine in Iran. It was crowded. We then caught the train for an overnight trip to Isfahan.

Our group is 6 women and one man plus a young female guide. Some of the group were very resentful at having to wear head scarf and long clothes. We soon worked out that we could get away with scarves, long pants and longish tops.

Our tour group

Our tour group

Most Iranian women wore the chador over long pants and the weather was 30 degrees plus.

People in Iran were extremely friendly and we were constantly stopped and spoken to. Iran has had very few tourists in the last few years and I think we were especially welcome. The first afternoon I walked with 3 others along the river bank and across the famous stone bridges.

Isfahan bridge

Isfahan bridge

There was water in the river which our guide later told us was not always the case but the water had been turned on as the election was due. He said Iranians really loved being near the water.

Paddling across the weir in Isfahan

Paddling across the weir in Isfahan

Many people were picnicking and they had carpet picnic rugs. We will need to lift our game.

We were constantly asked where we were from, how we liked Iran, if they could help us. One woman asked if we were required to wear headscarves in Australia and what we thought of Israel. We learnt that the TV series All Saints had been shown on Iranian TV.


We visited many wonderful examples of Islamic Architecture.

We visited the bazaar and a tea house which we would never have found without the guide leading us through a labyrinth filled with old wares.

Alley leading to tea house in the bazaar

Alley leading to tea house in the bazaar

Garden of a hotel  where we wished we had stayed

Garden of a hotel where we wished we had stayed

Iranians seem to be really into modern technology, mobile phones everywhere and constantly being used, Apple are doing very well and I had no trouble replacing my Panasonic camera battery much cheaper than in Australia. So I am not sure how the sanctions work.

Bank of chargers in the park beside the river.

Bank of chargers in the park beside the river.



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4 responses to “Impressions of Iran – Isfahan

  1. Kerry Ilsley

    Hi Pat I love all your photos and fascinating descriptions. What a fabulous trip. Like Sally, I now regret chucking all the records of my sixties adventures in the move! However, tomorrow I am meeting a friend I travelled with then, fortunately we can still remember & reminisce. Kerry

    > >


  2. The limited wardrobe is just as daggy in or out of Iran.
    Sally I hope you can find your diary.


  3. Janet

    Wow what an experience – awesome You look so good in the pics. I look forward to your posts, thanks


  4. Sallyj

    Pat, I am Just loving your blog..and photos can’t wait to hear more when you return. I ddi Kathmandu-London in my youth (By bus), so some of the places you mention have brought abkc memories. I think I chucked my diariy before we moved, which I now regret..


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