Giant wheel newly put in a park in the middle of Budapest

Giant wheel newly put in a park in the middle of Budapest

I visited Budapest for 1 day in 2012 and wanted to spend more time in this lovely city.
I met up with Gery an exchange student who lived with us in 1997 and his parents, who took me on this wheel so I could see their city.

I spent a delightful morning  with Madgi experiencing the famous Szechenyi Medicinal Bath. I tried 4 indoor pools, the sauna and 2 outdoor pools as well as the coffee and cake.

Cafe Muvesz

Cafe Muvesz

I also visited one of Budapest’s famous cafes and the Museum of Applied Arts.

The most sobering experience was my visit to the House of Terror documenting the history of persecution in Hungary during the 20th century.


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4 responses to “Budapest

  1. I miss this place so much!


  2. There were about 5 people doing laps but most were in the other pools sitting around, talking and a couple playing chess. I tried not to take people.


  3. Too cold here to even consider diving into a swimming pool; or at least at the dismal temperature they keep local indoor pools at.
    I don’t see a lot of swimming happening in the photos? Is it aquaerobics time or is it more a social float and relax experience?


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