I had wanted to go to Dubrovnik for a very long time. However I was concerned that it would disappoint as did Carcassonne and Sorrento. When I visited both these cities I felt that I had come 30 years too late. Too crowded, too many in your face tourist shops. Where was the real community?

Dubrovnik town wall

Dubrovnik town wall

Dubrovnik was certainly crowded but somehow it was different. I stayed outside the old town, 10 minutes away by bus in a resort hotel on the sea. This was chosen as I thought after 4 weeks of train travel I would need a rest. I was able to swim and just gaze at the sea.

But I visited the old town on 5 occasions and of course walked around the wall and attended a concert as part of the Summer Festival.

View from the wall

View from the wall

I think being able to easily dip in and out of the crowded old town added to my enjoyment.

Dubrovnik suffered major damage during bombing in December 1991. You can see the new repairs with the lighter coloured roofs and stone work.

But for me my stay was also about the sea. I stayed on the edge of the Adriatic, I ate fish and swam. The sun, blue skies and sea were such a contrast to the depressed unrenovated graffiti covered buildings of Bucharest and Belgrade and the ruined buildings of Sarajevo and Mostar.



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8 responses to “Dubrovnik

  1. Beautiful photos. I hope to one day make it to Dubrovnik.


  2. I’m loving reading about your adventures – such a seasoned traveler. i love the sound of your simple pleasure of eating fish and swimming! I’m looking forward to your next installment.


  3. Susan Elliott

    Pat, I’m really enjoying reading about your travels and seeing your wonderful photos. Travel safely! Love Sue (Elliott)


  4. Kerry Ilsley

    So glad you swam in the Adriatic. I don’t want your journey to end, but never the less look forward to celebrating your return. Kerry


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