The 3rd part of this trip was a cruise down the Danube from Vienna to the Black Sea. In 2012 I went on a cruise from Passau to Budapest, a very scenic part of the river so I wanted to go down the rest.

Parliament Budapest

Parliament Budapest

Hungarian Parliament Building.

The Danube is navigable for 2414 km. It goes through or is the border for 10 countries, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia and Ukraine. Of these it is the border between Bulgaria and Romania or flows through Romania for 1075 km and Moldavia for 800 metres where the river Prut enters the Danube.

We went through 4 locks which fascinate me. We passed through the Gabcikovo lock at about midnight so I rushed up on deck with a shirt over my pyjamas. Fortunately it was too dark for me to be seen but it was also too dark for photographs. The water level drops by 20 metres. There is also a power station.

The Djerap I lock is double also with a hydro electric power plant. The difference in water level in each chamber is 15 metres.

Iron Gate
The Iron Gate is a gorge on the river which forms the boundary between Romania and Serbia.

Medieval fort of Golubac

Medieval fort of Golubac

The Roman plaque ‘Tabula Taiana’ is on the Serbian side. Someone seems to be having a snooze.

Roman Plaque on Danube

Roman Plaque on Danube

Orthodox  monastery with 3 monks.

Orthodox Monestery with 3 monks.

Carving of head of a Romanian tribal chief

Carving of head of a Romanian tribal chief

We also saw many blocks of Communist housing, some in great disrepair. This bridge is an example of Nicolae Ceausescu’s folly. There is a uranium mine near the river so the plan was to transport the waste to an island in the Danube. This bridge was built but roads are fortunately missing on both sides.

Bridge going nowhere

Bridge going nowhere


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