2013 Trip from Beijing to Vienna and beyond

This trip will be in three parts;

  • Beijing to Istanbul overland by train and bus, 45 days  Starting in Beijing 3 May 2013
  • Istanbul to Vienna  through Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia by train, 6 weeks
  • Vienna to the Black Sea along the Danube River. 12 days


Click on link for a more detailed itinerary.         Map of trip


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7 responses to “2013 Trip from Beijing to Vienna and beyond

  1. That would be great we will just have to see what happens.


  2. Julie

    Fingers crossed we will be able to hook up with your Odyssey, with Dubrovnik our prime contender. J&S x


  3. Val

    Go Pat! You are brave and intrepid!


  4. elephantwoman

    It’ll be a grand cross-continental adventure! When are you going and how much time are you giving yourself?


  5. I hope I haven’t bitten off too much.


  6. Chris A

    this looks fantastic


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