Food and Yachts

Yachts in Constitution Dock at end of Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2013

Yachts in Constitution Dock at end of Sydney Hobart Race 2013

Going to see the yachts at the end of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in Constitution Dock was one of the rituals of my youth but I haven’t been to Hobart over Christmas New Year for about 20 years.
The yachts have changed, bigger, slicker, more hi tech.

Now there is also the wonderful Taste of Tasmania.

“… this feast of the senses, where the spotlight shines on fresh Tasmanian produce. Think Tasmanian seafood, cheese, berries, wines and boutique beers…and international dishes with a local flavour.

Feast of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries

Feast of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries

The old Princes Wharf building has been refurbished into an events centre and for the Taste is lined with stalls from local restaurants, wineries and food producers. Stalls are also lined along the grass between the wharf and Salamanca Place. The problem is what to choose to eat.

There is so much innovation in the food presented, wallaby being served by an Indian eatery, possum pate, quince and apple cider.

Possum Pate

Possum Pate

Brushtail possums are culled on Bruny Island so why not use the meat.

I heard a couple of talks. The most interesting was John Botha from Aproneers in Lindisfarne. He presented 5 dishes made from the roots, stalks and leaves of beetroot and using only a few other ingredients most would have in their cupboard.

Beetroot salad and beetroot used to  cure salmon

Beetroot salad and beetroot used to cure salmon

Following this talk I visited Aproneers which is in an old corner store on the main road in Lindisfarne. It was full of locals having coffee, lots of local produce both fresh and value added all with their place of origin down to the suburb in Hobart. This reminder me of my visit to Axminister Canteen.

Inside Aproneers

Inside Aproneers

A great time to be in Hobart. The food scene is so very different from when I left in 1975.


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6 responses to “Food and Yachts

  1. LaVagabonde

    The food looks so fresh and healthy. Now I have a craving for fresh berries.


  2. Chris Achjian

    now I want to see the yachts come in Pat – thanks HAPPY NEW YEAR Chris


  3. kerryilsley

    Thanks Pat Thoroughly enjoyed your fresh food report from Hobart. What impressive Progress! Dolphins joined our morning swim at Somers today! Happy New Year. Kerry


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