Waiheke Island

View from Veronica's bedroom of Hauraki Gulf

View from Veronica’s bedroom of Hauraki Gulf


My sister Veronica moved to Waiheke Island, New Zealand and I have finally got to visit.     It is a 40 minute ferry trip from Auckland.    It is about 20 km long and described by the Waihike Island website as

a picturesque blend of farmland, forest, beaches, vineyards and olive groves. Waiheke is just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, and has an international reputation for food and arts.

I am now finding out. The view from Veronica’s house is certainly picturesque, looking towards Auckland.

So after the view the food. We had persimmons from the garden for breakfast and then cheese and olives for lunch at the Man O’War winery looking over Man O’War Bay, which was visited by Captain Cook in 1769.

We certainly saw farmland, forests and beaches in fact many beaches.

View from Man O'War Bay towards Passage Rock on the Coromandel PeninsulaView from Man O’War Bay towards Passage Rock on Coromandel Peninsula.

At Palm Beach, with lots of palms, we met a French woman who was about to get into a canoe, setting up a camera to take underwater photos. She had moved here 17 years previously. She said she spent her afternoons fishing for her dinner. What a life.

Underwater camera being set up on a canoe at Palm Beach.
Then lunch in cafe in Oneroa, the village centre of the island.

View from the cafe in Oneroa View from Cafe in Oneroa.

Then a walk down the main street of Oneroa.

Main street through Oneroa Main street Oneroa



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18 responses to “Waiheke Island

  1. Leesa rayner

    Great pics. Looks like your having a nice time.


  2. kathymarris

    New Zealand is certainly a beautiful country. I have been there 3 times and I’m always amazed by the diversity of her natural beauty. Shame it’s so cold though!


  3. Chris Achjian

    We had a spectacular day there but to actually stay – fantastic ! What a window view – spectacular, as are the other shots.


  4. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things

    How very beautiful! I have not been to NZ, but it is on the list!


  5. I almost went there during one visit to Auckland, but the weather wasn’t nice, so we decided to stay in Auckland. Love the photos. It looks wonderful! What a life that French woman has. And your sister, too.


    • One of the unpredictable sides of travelling, the weather. I have been so lucky with beautiful warm clear days.
      My sister plays golf, and gardens but also goes fishing. That french woman seems to make the most of her great location.


  6. Val Ingham

    What an idyllic island!


  7. Kerry Ilsley

    Looks magic, fascinating and compliant with your epicurean expectations. Kerry


  8. margaret carroll

    Wonderful and such a contrast to the blue mts.


    • The fact the sea is ever present is so different but it is very hilly and seems to have attracted artists and foodies like the mountains or indeed other such places like Daylesford.


  9. Emma Parker

    Looks lovely! great pics!


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