Veggies with a view

Recently kitchen gardens have appeared around cafes, restaurants, wineries etc in lovely locations. When I went to Margaret River last year we saw herb and veggie beds in interesting places. There was the winery which identified the dishes on their lunch menu that were sourced from their garden we were encouraged to visit. Then there was the bed of lettuces outside the cafe near the beach, growing just behind the sand bank. Next we saw very productive and beautiful beds at the end of the patio at a boutique brewery.

On Waihike Island Solar, a cafe in Oneroa, had herbs growing in front and around their outdoor seating area.

Thyme, basil and parsley growing amidst miniature village.

Thyme, basil and parsley growing amidst a miniature village.

Ringawera Bakery had extensive garden beds built on the sheltered side of the hill, sheltered from the bay by native vegetation. We took our coffee to the table along a path lined with fig trees.

A worm farm with a view.

Mudbrick Winery had an extensive French pottage garden around their carpark, buildings and outdoor seating area. They used lavender trimmed to divide beds.
Mudbrick Winery

The beds had french sorrel, herbs, globe artichokes, and egg plants. They grew microgreens in trays in glass houses and had an extensive citrus orchard as well as vineyards.

I wonder if visitors go home and think ‘I could do that’.


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17 responses to “Veggies with a view

  1. What a lovely site you have bmpermie. The photos are magnificent. Have you viisited Tasmania yet? I think you’d like it. I too did a permaculture course (in Braidswood in the 90s). Unfortunately I don’t have chooks, but I do like to follow their principles where I can. Thank you for your follow!


  2. I remember a restaurant garden in a gorgeous little French restaurant at a little town (Picton or Bargo as I recollect) en route between Canberra and Sydney – before the Hume Highway became a freeway. We used to love to stop there. the salads and veggies always had the edge of freshness, particularly with herbs. Like you we’ve seen the tree develop again recently. One of our favourites is Biota in the Southern Highlands. They have quite extensive kitchen gardens.


    • Thanks Whispering Gums for the visit. I will check that out when I next drive to Canberra. I also came across one in Berry just after Easter. Great plants in pots,
      Lovely place to sit out of the traffic.


      • Ah, bmpermie, Biota is in Bowral not Canberra but well worth a visit. I don’t think their garden is as big as the one you show (though they have some at the front of their building and more at the back which is not so easy to see. Do you mean Berry SA? Or Berry NSW?


      • I will go via Bowral, always worth a visit. Berry NSW, on the way out of town going south next to a pub covered in hub caps.


      • Good … it is, bmpermie. I have an ex-colleague retiring to Berry so am sure I’ll be getting down there in the next year to check out his new home.


  3. Sally

    I am watching Master Chef ( with one eye) this year after a couple of years absence. There are vertical gardens outside and in – and they are using things like sorrel and samphire. In one of the challenges they were explicitly told they could not use produce form the garden.


  4. I’m impressed, my herbs are looking less health for this time of year


  5. LaVagabonde

    Did those lovely herbs scent the air? I love this idea.


    • If they over flow the garden and you tread on them. The herbs planted in the square in Pecs Hungary last summer looked fabulous. They were all usefully labelled.


  6. Kerry Ilsley

    Lucky veggies, what a location! Are you really in NZ? Kerry


    • I am really in NZ. Now in Auckland with an UP grade so have terrific view from 35 floor of Auckland Harbour and city. Not sure I have every stayed this high.


  7. Julie

    Herbs look fantastic


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