So where is Miss Marple?


We are staying in a heritage hotel built in 1928 in a remote location between seasons so that there are few guests. The lounge areas are huge with open fireplaces, there is a library with leather wing chairs and a large dinning room with formal settings. We were picked up at the station, aptly named National Park, by a hotel employee and driven here.

Chateau Tongaririo

Chateau Tongaririo

It started snowing as we arrived but not enough to be snowed in Agatha Christie style. The views of the mountains are terrific but not foreboding and there has been no storm which cuts the power and telephone lines.

Mt Ngaurohoe 2287m

Mt Ngaurohoe 2287m

And as I do not want a body there is no Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot but one would expect that they could be sitting in such a lounge, Miss Marple with her knitting, watchful, chatty and aware.

While we were delivered here there was no bellboy and no Monsieur Gustav to wave the cases to be taken to our rooms, in fact we had to take them ourselves.

We went to Taranaki Falls this morning but we did not walk faster enough to be called a tramp perhaps an amble rather than a ramble.

Taranaki Falls

Taranaki Falls

When we arrived there were about a dozen people in the lounge having high tea but there were only about 5 couples at dinner last night, one couple said they always come for their wedding anniversary. The ski season does not start until the end of June. It is rather lovely staying here in the peace with so few other people and very helpful staff.

Now I must go to dress for dinner, that is change out of muddy walking clothes.



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11 responses to “So where is Miss Marple?

  1. This sounds the perfect spot to write a murder! Must be a superb spot to holiday.


    • Good idea. It would be a great spot to write and set a murder especially as we were between seasons and there were the rightnumber of people to assemble in the library to denounce the murderer.


  2. kathymarris

    Nothing better than a Miss Marple murder mystery! But only in fiction. Looks like a wonderful part of the world and the chateau looks divine.


  3. Sally

    Did anything go bump in the night? Sounds fabulous!


    • No nothing went bump in the night. However I did hear someone in the hall after midnight so perhaps other guests not as staid as appearance might suggest. I recall all those stories of grand hotels but there is no bell at 6 am to get folks back in their designated rooms.


  4. Kerry Ilsley

    Been there, done that, but I’d forgotten! Thanks for reminding me how quiet and spectacular NZ is. Kerry


  5. Sounds like the perfect place for a mystery.


  6. Dressing for Dinner – you are getting in the right period in history. Glad to hear you are having a good time.


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