Why I write

Seen while walking to bus stop in London. Wonder who puts in the fresh rose.

Seen while walking to bus stop in London. Wonder who puts in the fresh rose.

I was recently asked by Kathy at 50 Shades of Age to take part in a Blog Hop as to why I write my blog. So thanks Kathy and I will try to follow the lead set by so many great bloggers. I will follow the 5 set questions.

1. What am I working on?

I mostly write about the places I visit but also about food so as I have just spent 5 days in Melbourne I am thinking about how to put an original spin on why I really love Melbourne.

I am interested in gardens especially growing food so I have started collecting pictures of the great range of places where someone is growing herbs or vegetables, streets, rooftops, in front of public buildings, rocky outcrops,  busy tourist destinations and more.

2. How does my writing differ from others in the genre?

I write briefly about the places I visit with a little factual information (once a teacher always a …) and hopefully a little about the my reaction to the place. It is a bit difficult to answer this question as I have just heard Richard Flanagan speak and I follow some very accomplished, elegant writers, Whispering Gums who reviews books and comments on literary matters, Howard Goldenberg novelist and doctor who writes most sensitively on the human condition. Another writer who captures place brilliantly is LaVagabonde.

3. Why I write?

I started my blog to tell my family and friends about the places I was visiting on my trip overland from Beijing to Istanbul. I was surprised to find that I had other followers and some who make comments. When I started looking at blogs I felt like Alice when she fell through the looking glass. There are so many interesting young women who have such a great ‘can do attitude’ to life and blogging. I think something must have happened to brains between my baby boomer generation and our children’s generation. I am full of admiration.

4. How does my writing process work?

If I am in an exotic place i.e Samarkand there is so much to write about and so many photo opportunities  I try to put a little of my impression in to a post to tell others where I am.

When I am in a known location for me i.e. New Zealand then the challenge is to put an interesting spin on a post.    I take photos on my phone and camera and hope they capture the image I want and I wander around thinking about the angle I want to use.

I also like to blog about things that catch my eye.

What was the English flag doing in a banksia pot outside florist in London during 2010 World Cup.

What was the English flag doing in a banksia pot outside florist in London during 2010 World Cup.


Then of course the photos often do not come up to the challenge or I wished I had taken more but by then it is too late.  I think I need to further develop my photography skills and take many more photos so I have more to choose from for a post.

5. Who is next?

I am passing this baton on to the following bloggers;-

Elephant Woman  who taught me so much about blogs and use of social media

The Picnic Press  who blogs about great picnic spots across Sydney and where to get  great local food.

Many thanks to all the interesting bloggers out there who open up new worlds.


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8 responses to “Why I write

  1. kathymarris

    Now I know a little more about you! I find it interesting getting to know fellow bloggers. The Beijing to Istanbul journey would have been fascinating and would certainly give you plenty to write about. Like you, I think it is inspiring that women are capturing their thoughts and writing blogs.


  2. elephantwoman

    Thanks so much for the mention, I’m sure I haven’t taught you so much – you have such a huge appetite for embracing the new! I find blogging – and especially about travels – is a really enriching experience, and I’m so glad that you’ve taken to it the way you have.


  3. Pat – indeed 3. is key – while facebook is OK for quick stuff, anything with a proper narrative needs more space to expand – I’ve in fact been inspired by you to put a blog together for – Lewis – while FB may be here for the long haul, I want to have something of a journal for him. He probably won’t be bothered until he’s my age, but, at least he’ll have it. One of the things I love is hearing my parents stories, something I’m blessed with as they are both here in minds and body… keep it up – see you soon!!

    Oh, I’ll let you know when I’ve got mine up for some feedback – love Tony


  4. LaVagabonde

    Thank you very much for the mention. It was interesting reading about why you began to blog. Some of your destinations are very unique. I’ve read lots of travel posts on WP and very, very few of them are about Central Asia.


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