It is different here – Broome

Cable Beach - haze is due to bushfires.

Cable Beach – haze is due to bushfires.

Broome is different, not just the climate and the fact that it has 2 seasons, wet and dry but perhaps because it is 3382 km from Sydney or 5 hours flying time. One guide talking about the history of the pearling industry said that in the early 20th century laws made by Perth or Canberra were taken as a recommendation.

Broome has a population of 16 000 which grows to 35 000 in the tourist season (this information supplied by driver of the Town Bus). Now there are back packers visiting and working in the tourist industry and many grey nomads, mostly couples some driving large SUVs towing huge caravans with bicycles hitched to the back. You see them on the beach, riding bicycles, taking the tours, and filling the restaurants at 6.30pm and leaving by 8 pm.

So what is different?

  • People are very friendly, perhaps as many are visitors many say hello in the street.
  • There seems to be as many 4 wheel drive vehicles on the beach as people.
  • The sun sets into the Indian Ocean, a thrill for us from the east coast.
  • The red dust
  • The casual dress giving a sense of permanent holiday
  • The chatty bus driver who joked with the passengers, hailed locals and provided tourist information.
  • The high prices, not just because of the distance but surely because they can.

Of course I could spend much longer in Broome than these 3 days.

Best bits for me

  • Meeting the 5 older women staying at my hostel who visit and work in Broome each year and who were so welcoming and helpful to me.
  • Sailing gently on the Intombi, a restored pearling lugger.
  • Seeing humpback whales
  • Seeing the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point
  • Walking along Cable beach from Gantheaume Point back to the Surf Club
  • Being in a selfie with a young Taiwanese couple who had spent 6 months working at a Broome resort.

For a more comprehensive list of what you can do in Broome see Kathy at 50 Shades of Age


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12 responses to “It is different here – Broome

  1. Sounds fantastic! Hope to make it there next year.


  2. kathymarris

    Thanks for the Pingback. You are so right, Broome is a very different holiday experience. I loved the casual laid-back feel of the people and the place.


  3. M-R

    Managing OK without the chiropractor, Pat ? I certainly hope so. I’m glad you went; for now we can read all about the trip !


  4. LaVagabonde

    It all sounds awesome, especially the dinosaur footprints.


  5. elephantwoman

    Sounds so wonderful, what do those five women do for seasonal work in Broome?


  6. lizzygoodthings

    How fantastic! I have always wanted to go to Broome… my man has been there a few times with work. Thank you for sharing your visit.


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