Canning Stock Route – 2


We were 16 passengers of mature age who had all travelled with Outback Spirit previously. There were 4 terrific blokes who drove the purpose designed vehicles, set up camp, cooked our meals, provided information on the track and the Surveyor Alfred Canning, and kept the show on the road.

If team work could be bottled these 4 would be the best ingredients. We slept in tents which we put up each night but help was provided to those who needed it such as the 3 women travelling alone. I had slept in these tents on a tour 20 years ago but they had got heavier in the intervening years.

We had stretchers, mattresses and sleeping bags. A few nights were extremely cold and on one night I had on 2 jumpers.

The leader Brendan provided us with a cooked breakfast, we made our sandwiches for lunch and Brendan provided great evening meals.

Packing up from lunch

Packing up from lunch


Truck carrying the kitchen

Truck carrying the kitchen

We met Mateusz from Poland who was attempting to ride his 3 wheel bicycle along the Canning Stock Route. He had attempted the ride with his wife last year. He had a solar panel for communications, 6 saddle bags with 25 kg of food, mosquito tent etc.

Mateusz's bike

Mateusz’s bike

Mateusz with his gear

Mateusz with his gear

We dropped 30 litres of water for him further along the track. He has a Facebook page in Polish.

Mateusz was attempting to recreate the ride of Jakub Postrzygacz.

In 2005 Jakub Postrzygacz became the first person to traverse the entire track without either support or the use of food drops, travelling alone by bicycle for 33 days. With large tyres and a single-wheel trailer, he carried all his food with him and replenished his water at wells.



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10 responses to “Canning Stock Route – 2

  1. kathymarris

    We met a lot of bicycle ‘tourers’ on our trip, but none quiet as fearless as Mateusz. Must have been an adventure for sure.


  2. Sha

    I love the portable kitchen! And I think that it’s really very brave of him to attempt it on his own…after all, it’s really a big area out there…hopefully he manages to accomplish it…:)


  3. LaVagabonde

    That’s quite a bike. Polish people are hardcore. Every winter, some attempt to climb the peaks of the Tatras.


  4. What an exciting trip! I can’t imagine doing it by bike!!


  5. Looks like a compatible group. Makes all the difference


    • Yes all in this group knew what they were in for. It would be dreadful if someone did not. I found it physically quite tough, especially getting up at 5.30 each day and having to pack everything as I am not a morning person. There were a few who were very hearty in the morning.


      • I can identify with that and I’m usually ok in the mornings. I think it’s also about loss of control- we are so used to doing what we want when we want that to be told when to get up, be ready etc. takes some getting used to. And we were in hotel rooms, with electric light.


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