Scraping the barnacles off the blog

The tyranny of Twitter

As I  am about to embark on a 5 months trip I thought it was time to scrape the barnacles off the blog.   So a change of name.  Why?  Well bmpermie meant something to me but not much to most. In fact I didn’t even explain it in my About page.  ‘BM’ is for Blue Mountains, where I live outside Sydney and ‘permie’ is someone who follows the design principles of Permaculture.

Since meeting up with and following classy, sassy blogs by clever, cluey, mostly young, women I have realised that I wanted a name that sounded like a traveller.



So Galavanting Gran.    Well I am a grandma to 4.


Galavanting? Well I know it is usually spelt ‘gallivanting’ meaning to go from place to place in a rollicking, frivolous or flirtatious manner (Macquarie Dictionary).

I quite like the meaning. Now I have often had a problem with spelling which is not good for one who came from the days when being excellent at spelling was a sign of moral rectitude. Then there was Twitter.

So after this brush with classy, sassy bloggers I decided on a travel Twitter link but Twitter has rules and Gallivanting Gran is too many letters for Twitter so I have used Galavanting which is in some dictionaries but not the Shorter Oxford.

My Twitter handle is @GalavantingGran


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28 responses to “Scraping the barnacles off the blog

  1. joette narcisse

    Thoughtful post ! I loved the info – Does someone know if I could possibly grab a template a form document to work with ?


  2. Victoria

    Well the ‘gallivanting’ sounds promising 🙂 I think I must be a gallivanter myself!


  3. Morna

    Thanks Gran…I look forward to hearing the next adventures


  4. Chris Achjian

    agree with nearly all previous replies, good for you Gran and bon voyage once again – look forward to further writings Chris


  5. Nice new name. Happy travels.


  6. LaVagabonde

    I like your new name and spelling. 🙂


  7. kathymarris

    Good for you Pat. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.


  8. Pat, I like the fact that you’re interested in permaculture. Your change of name will lift you into the lighter heights of more transient travels and stories of grand children… and more. Happy travelling! ❤


  9. Val

    I like your new name Pat, but I nearly deleted your email as spam!


  10. Very appropriate I thought, cleverly done….


  11. lizzygoodthings

    Hi there! I had wondered about the BM name… happy travels!


  12. kerryilsley

    Love the new title. Kerry


  13. Jacinta Sinclair

    You could have gone with gambolling 🙂


  14. Looking forward to rollicking, frolicking and flirtatious tales.


  15. Julie Hutcheson

    Dear Gran

    do you have this guide?

    J x


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