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Going Solo

Aren’t you afraid? I can’t count the number of times I was asked this during the six weeks I spent travelling by myself.

The first 45 days was with a small group of 7 travellers and a terrific young guide.

The 2nd part was my DIY 6 week trip around parts of the Balkans by train. I had a timetable, knowledge of the trains and hotel bookings. It was interesting, I felt safe, met lots of great people and it all went very well.

Going solo seems to create a lot of interest. One very interesting website is wanderinghart.net/travelling-solo

Wanderinghart, who is on an 8 month trip, raises many interesting points which resonated with me. This is certainly worth a read.

Like Wanderinghart for me it was always about the journey. Continue reading


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Train Travel Romania

Memorial to 1989 Revolution

Memorial to 1989 Revolution

I like travelling by train, I like the fact that trains are on the ground, you can see what you are what you are passing, you can move around, the seats have leg room , you don’t need to go through the hoops of airport security where your toothpaste or water can be tossed in the bin and trains go very often from the centre of cities.
I have had enjoyable, generally comfortable and interesting trips by train in Europe.
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Bosphorus Express

Istanbul Station

Istanbul Station

I am now on part 2 of my trip, DIY Orient Express, Istanbul to Vienna.

Orient Express Restaurant Istanbul Station

Orient Express Restaurant Istanbul Station

Dress code is not what it used to be.

We left Istanbul at 10 pm by bus due to track work to the border. We reached the border at 2 am and then had 2 hours at border re passports etc. Then I and about 15 others board train which left at 4 pm. I had booked a 2nd class sleeper which was to have 3 female occupants however I was the only one in my compartment. Train is 3 carriages including one sleeper with me and about 7 others and person who kept announcing ‘ I am shaffer conductor.’ He was wearing shorts, loose shirt and sandals. Compartment had 3 beds with white sheets, doona and pillow. Continue reading


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