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What I like about New Zealand.

Sunset on Auckland Harbour

Sunset on Auckland Harbour

When I think of images of my trip to the North Island of New Zealand what comes to mind? Green farmland, cows, sheep, mountains which are active volcanoes, the sea.
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Going Solo

Aren’t you afraid? I can’t count the number of times I was asked this during the six weeks I spent travelling by myself.

The first 45 days was with a small group of 7 travellers and a terrific young guide.

The 2nd part was my DIY 6 week trip around parts of the Balkans by train. I had a timetable, knowledge of the trains and hotel bookings. It was interesting, I felt safe, met lots of great people and it all went very well.

Going solo seems to create a lot of interest. One very interesting website is wanderinghart.net/travelling-solo

Wanderinghart, who is on an 8 month trip, raises many interesting points which resonated with me. This is certainly worth a read.

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People Along the Way

One of the joys of this trip has been the people I have met along the way.

Tour group dressed to enter the Holy Shrine in Mushad, Iran

Tour group dressed to enter the Holy Shrine in Mushad, Iran

First of course there were those on the tour from Beijing to Istanbul, 6 women and one man from Australia, all of a certain age but from variety of backgrounds and a very wide range of social and political views. Our guide was a young Russian woman who had grown up in Kyrgyzstan because her grandparents had been sent there as part of Stalin’s gulag. Continue reading


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