I started this blog as away of letting family and friends know about my trip overland from Beijing to Istanbul.    It has now developed to record some of the highlights for me of my travels generally.     Thank you to my visitors and especially those who have responded with ‘likes’ and comments.
I aim to respond to comments and  check out any blogs from visitors and learn from you.

I originally used the name bmpermie which meant something to me but not really to anyone else. ‘ bm’ for Blue Mountains, where I live and ‘permie’ being short for Permaculture, the design system by which I try to live.   However I have now changed it to Galavanting Gran as I am the grandmother of 4 lively under sevens and I am travelling while I can.

I am interested in food that is accessible to all, food that is grown in an environmentally sustainable way and food that is nutritious, local, delicious and fun to cook and eat.

I love gardens and mine is based on permaculture principles in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. I travel to experience a diversity in cultures, history, food and gardens.

In 2008 I travelled from Hong Kong to St Pancras London by train.   In May 2013 I went overland from Beijing to Istanbul and then on a DIY tour of Eastern Europe.

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8 responses to “About

  1. Avy

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip on the Canning Stock Route, my parents are wanting to do a trip like that but are worried it might be a bit too much for them physically, they are both in their mid to late 60’s and physically ‘normal’ but not overly fit. Would you recommend this trip for them?


    • We are all 60 plus, some fitter than others. There were 3 of us single women travelling separately and we helped each other carry our tents. I found the tents were much heavier than the same tents on a trip I did 20 years ago.
      The guides are very helpful and some other men on the trip were helpful.
      You did get up at about 5.30 and go to bed with the chooks. It was tiring and every one was expected to help as the guides cannot put up 9 or so tents but they do help when needed. They mentioned a couple in their 80’s on a previous trip who needed total help, carrying their tents, putting them up and down. They do not have time to do this and one such couple would impact on the whole group.
      The walks we did were up to us so anyone could stay in the camp.

      So I would say your parents would be OK.


  2. I loved the story about Sydney. I am 72 and live in Ballarat and I have only ever been to Sydney once and that was to see “Hair” about 40 years ago. We didn’t stop to go visiting we just came, we saw and we concurred. And about then I bought my first copy of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture but I have not done much about it for reasons that I won’t go into. Thanks for the hit on Peggy’s blog.


  3. Thanks so much for the likes and comments on my travel blog. Most appreciated. I’m going to enjoy yours too.


  4. I love to travel and envy you this trip so I’ll enjoy the ride!


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