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I have always loved whitebait to eat. What we called whitebait in Hobart and my mother made into fritters when there was a run in the Derwent. What I have since eaten in New Zealand and once even when I was teaching people in periodic detention. Continue reading


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Veggies with a view

Recently kitchen gardens have appeared around cafes, restaurants, wineries etc in lovely locations. When I went to Margaret River last year we saw herb and veggie beds in interesting places. There was the winery which identified the dishes on their lunch menu that were sourced from their garden we were encouraged to visit. Then there was the bed of lettuces outside the cafe near the beach, growing just behind the sand bank. Next we saw very productive and beautiful beds at the end of the patio at a boutique brewery.
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Food and Yachts

Yachts in Constitution Dock at end of Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2013

Yachts in Constitution Dock at end of Sydney Hobart Race 2013

Going to see the yachts at the end of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in Constitution Dock was one of the rituals of my youth but I haven’t been to Hobart over Christmas New Year for about 20 years.
The yachts have changed, bigger, slicker, more hi tech.
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