I Can’t Grow Food

I cannot recall how many people have said this to me. Reasons include lack of time, shade, trees, renting, wrong soil, too rocky, bad site etc etc.

Well these people can.

12 responses to “I Can’t Grow Food

  1. What a great selection of edible plants from the smallest of gardens. I love the pots on the boat.


  2. I’m travelling at the moment, but the fellow who is minding our house is picking produce like mad. I’ve alerted all the neighbours to share in the bounty.


  3. LaVagabonde

    Well, my excuse is lack of talent. Not sure how to overcome that one.


    • Well I was taken that so many people seemed to be able to grow food in so many unlikely places so I started collecting the photographs on my travels.
      A pot, some sun and water but not too much.


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  5. I have the same problem. The deer eat everything that is on the ground and in the yard, and the bugs get everything else. When something is hungry…..yep……where there is a will, there is a way,


    • Indeed. Here it is the kangaroos and/or possums. A floppy fence seems to keep possums out but can’t see that working with deer. They sound picturesque from far away a bit different when it is your garden.


  6. M-R

    I get the message, I get it, I really do … But. My balcony is an attraction for every plant-chewing insect in Sydney. I’ve tried and tried; but the moment the green starts to show above the soil, or the seedling starts to show signs of shooting, in they all come, the bastards ! 😦


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