An evening in Paris

Pond with irises

Pond with irises

Who could have expected this!

I booked into a hotel near Gare de Lyon in Paris for one night as I was catching the train to Barcelona from that station.

Gare de Lyon is about 1km walk from Bastille in the It is a little further away from Notre Dame so less frequented by tourists. When I arrived I asked the hotel reception to suggests as to  where to walk and where to eat dinner. And how lucky was I.

He pointed out the viaduct, an old railway line at the height of the treetops which has been converted into a garden and walking track of about 5km. Steps and a lift go to the top from the main cross streets. At 6 pm it had workers going home, joggers, babies being pushed and strolling couples.

It is lined with mature trees, and wild gardens with signs about looking for butterflies. There was a stick home for bees and wasps and a compost heap, a pool lined with irises. I could see the tops of the plane trees on the street and the decorations on the adjoining buildings at close quarters. It was sunny while the street below was in shade and much cooler.

The next morning I walked along the line at street level. The spaces underneath are being used by artisans with workshops making everything from violins to umbrellas.

Thence to dinner to recommended restaurant, Maguey Restaurant The helpful waiter explained that there was not a menu but a concept. Diners chose 2 from the 4 concepts, fluffy, intrepid, enthusiastic and capricious. The dishes were provided accordingly. I was asked what I did not eat. I could order individual entrée, main and desert or the 3. Wine could be provided to match each course.

So I stayed. A wonderful dinner followed.

A chance booking at a lower price hotel in an area convenient to the train and what a memorable evening I had.

Any guesses at which of the 4 concepts I chose?


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15 responses to “An evening in Paris

  1. Victoria

    what an incredible find! So wonderful when you find things just by being in the right place at the right time through sheer luck! Then you find something that feels like a secret, a perfect experience that was designed just for you! love it.


  2. What a fun day you had. I’d pick intrepid and enthusiastic too. Once in Spain, Poor John ordered the selection of game meats. Because our Spanish was only so-so, the chef came out to the table to confirm that he really knew what he was ordering.


  3. Jan Hume

    I remember that walk along the disused railway line. Maybe that could be done with the Cahill Expressway 🙂
    And I would love to eat that restaurant – what a great idea.
    Let us know if you happen to see any Picassos in Barcelona. You will probably be aware that one sold for a huge amount the other day – I think it’s called “Les Femmes d’Algiers”.


    • Good idea re Cahill Expressway. I spent the morning at the Picasso Museum as he spend some of his early life here. Most paintings prior to 1901 and some later works of 1957. There was also an exhibition of his work with Dali, interesting to see 2 paintings side by side on same theme.


  4. So enjoy hearing about your experiences bmpermie, I hope you tried all of the dishes! 🙂


  5. Janet

    capricious Bob thought would be his choice, sounds interesting. Do we who get it correct get a prize…… it’s sure sounds great, we arrived at Gare de Lyon from Venice.


  6. Julie.

    Intrepid.there is an elevated walkway in NY I believe, yours sounded wonderful.


  7. margaret



  8. What a great find – these expected wonderful experiences are really what travel is all about. I can’t guess the concepts – though I think the main may be intrepid (which is what I expected you to choose.) maybe enthusiastic for the other two- or capricious?.


  9. susangirard

    Not intrepid that’s for sure! Looks amazing…


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