Thursday in Granada

Procession with Blessed Sacrament

My aim for the day was to buy some toothpaste as I had been to the Alhambra the previous day and missed the procession to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. I had caught the tail end of the festivities of families eating and girls wearing traditional costumes.

Well! How wrong I was.

People were hurrying to the Cathedral which had an altar constructed outside and the inside was packed. Greenery was strewn over the streets and the TV cameras were there.

Then a procession of figures passed my window. I do not know their significance.


Enquiries told me that today was the big procession and everything was closed.

First there was a band then it seemed as if each parish had a group walking behind their banner, children of about 10, girls in long white dresses and,boys in sailor outfits or suits, who I gather had just or were about to make their first communion, women wearing traditional mantillas, other women dress in mother of the bride outfits and then men, mostly all older.

Then a group of nuns from various orders and seemingly all the priests in Andalusia. Then a bishop and the celebrant who blessed the children.

Then the Monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament was carried on an ornate platform by about 10 men.


Then representatives from the town, the military, navy and the police followed.

The parade lasted for about 2 hours ended with a band. This music sounded more dance than hymns to me.


The Monstrance was placed on a specially constructed altar in the centre of the old town.


Then the crowd celebrated with stalls, bouncing castles, jugglers, ceramics market and lots of traditional costumes.

This was my impression, for what was really happening go to Andalucia Festival.

I did find a small shop open which sold toothpaste.


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4 responses to “Thursday in Granada

  1. Julie Brackenreg

    So relieved you have clean teeth after all that!!


  2. Jan Hume

    Interesting and glad to see these traditions are maintained. Good pix too.


  3. What a bonus, Pat. And great photos. We almost saw a smaller procession one evening in Seville, but after an hour watching the band members assembling hunger got the better of us. We had heard the band the previous evening- from memory more marching music than hymns or dancing. The women who were not in the band were dressed to the nines. I assume the guy in your picture with the white gloves in his hand was one of those who carried the Monstrance.I’m glad you got your toothpaste!


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