A tranquil spot

Huerto D Calixto Y Melibea

Huerto D Calixto Y Melibea


While waiting for the Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco to open I walked around the corner to a door in the wall. Such a beautiful garden, just behind the Cathedral in Salamanca and overlooking the river, a tranquil spot away from the busy tourist spots.

It is a formal garden with beds of flowers, roses, sweet william, oyster plants with formal boxes edges. Lots of mature trees.

But look again.

The trees include a quince, olive, pear, apricot, pomegranate and fig.

Quince and fig with Cathedral in the background

Quince and fig with Cathedral in the background

In the garden beds, amongst the flowers, were thyme, cabbages, silverbeet, artichokes, tomatoes, raspberries and zucchinis. And of course a grape vine.

To see more of this garden and practise your spanish watch the clip


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9 responses to “A tranquil spot

  1. I love this. I remember being so surprised in Barcelona to find an orange tree in the courtyard of a beautiful old building. I wasn’t used to seeing productive plants/trees in public places


  2. Val

    I thought I was learning Spanish…!


  3. Julie

    Am in Hobart – will be at our Salamanca Markets tomorrow a.m.! Blessings Julie

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  4. julie

    I want a garden like that


  5. Great find. I might tackle the Spanish clip later in the day.

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