I have always loved whitebait to eat. What we called whitebait in Hobart and my mother made into fritters when there was a run in the Derwent. What I have since eaten in New Zealand and once even when I was teaching people in periodic detention. One young man’s mum came to visit from New Zealand and like us returning from Hobart, she came with the local fare, in this case whitebait. He arrived with whitebait fritters for his lunch which he generously shared with me.

These are much smaller than the small fish called whitebait in Greek restaurants in Sydney.

Back to Seville, the menu at the taberne described this dish on the English menu ‘Whitebait with peppers and eggs’. My decision was made.

Whitebait with peppers and eggs

Whitebait with peppers and eggs

The waiter then explained that one mixed it together and he offered to do it for me. He gently sliced the eggs with a spoon and fork and stirred it all a little.

Whitebait ready to eat

It was delicious. And easy.


  • Whitebait deep fried so separated
  • Roasted red peppers
  • 2 fried eggs still runny
  • Small amount spanish onion


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10 responses to “Whitebait

  1. Val Ingham

    Loving your photos Pat!


  2. julie

    I remember you having Whitebait in Bromyard before the Liberace show!


  3. I can remember having white bait patties in Devonport. They were always wonderful as they were caught fresh in the Mersey River. It’s something I haven’t had for years. What a lovely memory you conjured up here!


  4. I remember tinned (NZ) whitebait, served in white sauce.


  5. kerryilsley

    Love your whitebait episode. Shall see if it’s available in Manly and give it a go! Just returned from a magical journey through Slovenia & Vienna. Kerry


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